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Journal of Anticyclonicity

"No point mentioning those bats, I thought...."

12 October
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Weather/radio/computer geek. Recovering military brat. "Some college", progressively becoming "more college".

what I do for food:
I'm the web developer for my hometown newspaper. I do not do LJ layouts, especially not my own.
I do web design for beer, and sometimes cash or car parts:
Adams Dyno Tuning - a regionally reputable tuner
TopEndUSA - a Honda Performance shop
ClubCRX - a Honda CRX site
z31-ae.com - a Nissan 300ZX reference site. Evolving as I have time.

I chase the odd tornado for charity.

I particularly enjoy sporks, and if anyone wants to buy me a present, I would definitely appreciate a set of metal sporks. I already have a set, but more sporks are always appreciated. Sporks, you see, are a clear physical representation of the Fundamental Interconnectedness of All Things, in which I firmly believe.


Eric Johnson^. The Beatles. Rush, Journey, and Styx, though in small quantities. The Eagles. Kansas in large quantities. The Mars Volta. Coheed & Cambria. Dream Theater. Yes. Pendulum. A Perfect Circle. The Clancy Brothers. CCR. The Eagles ("You said 'the Eagles' twice...?" "I like the Eagles."). OSI. Thievery Corporation. Bach. Pain.

boondock saints. the big lebowski. the princess bride. monty python's anything. blazing saddles. twister. pulp fiction. reservoir dogs. office space. the lord of the rings. casino royale. and 300 was awesome, I don't care /what/ you say.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The Color of Magic. 1984. Brave New World. Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Snow Crash. Unintended Consequences. Grisham. Haynes manuals. Cookbooks. Technical diagrams.

One Two 1984 Nissan 300ZX 50th Anniversary editions, both turbo, boosted to about 11psi, with exhaust cutouts. It's not a matter of practicality - it's a love affair.


Someone said I should have a wishlist.